One of the last things I ever wanted to do was to sew my own Rakusu or Kesa. I am absolutely incompetent when it comes to sewing and have zero natural talent. No, I am not fishing for compliments here, my stitches look terrible. Nevertheless, sewing is an integral part of our lineage’s heritage and can be a particularly transformative practise for fools like myself, precisely because it shows us our limits.

When sewing a Rakusu or Kesa, one will naturally be forced to practise mindfulness, and the frustration that one will encounter is a priceless teacher.

You can find a very profound perspective on the importance of the transmission of the Kesa in Master Dogen’s Kesa Kodoku chapter in his masterpiece, the SHOBOGENZO

Below you will find some videos which my beloved Master Taigu Turlur Roshi created quite a few years ago, in which he explains the steps involved in sewing a rakusu: